Kerala, God’s own country, should be on every traveller’s bucket list for its enthralling beauty.

Floating around in the emerald backwaters in Alappuzha houseboats is one of the major attractions in this southern state of India. Kerala tourism boasts of its beautiful houseboats that offer you a mesmerising cruising experience.

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In earlier days, the people of Kerala used to transport everything from food to war cargo on boats or Kettuvallams. Kettu denotes tying, and vallam means country boats. With modernisation paving its way across India, the boats started losing their utility.
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But locals realised that these boats were robust enough to last for years. They were soon remodelled into houseboats to enable tourists to cruise down the calm backwaters. If you want to experience the true essence of Kerala, spending one night in a boathouse should be on your itinerary.

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But before you book your stay in Kerala boathouse for a unique experience, you must consider a few aspects. Here’s a rundown of everything that you should be checking for the best time on a houseboat.

1. Place

Kerala has multiple places where you can enjoy scenic backwaters. But Alleppey or Alappuzha remains the finest place to go cruising on a houseboat. With a labyrinth of beaches, canals, and lagoons, Alleppey is known as the Citadel of Houseboats

Even though there are hotels in Alleppey, staying in a houseboat is the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself amidst enchanting greenery. The unfamiliar surroundings are great for experiencing a slow-paced life. It will be so much different from what you can expect during a typical stay in a hotel.

2. Privacy

An Alleppey boathouse is the perfect place to stay on your honeymoon. The towering coconut trees and beautiful sunsets add a romantic element to your stay. But when you are visiting with your partner, privacy is something that you must consider. You should choose a houseboat that will allow your two lovebirds to spend some alone time amidst the breathtaking scenery.

3. Weather

You should also consider the weather while booking a stay on a houseboat. If you want the best Alleppey weather, you should be visiting between August and May. You will be able to avoid the monsoons while having the most fun in the palm-fringed Kerala backwaters. But before staying on a houseboat, you should be prepared to experience the sudden bursts of showers in Kerala.

Alleppey Houseboat

4. Category

Most houseboat providers in Kerala offer four options to choose from:

  • Standard houseboat:

    A standard houseboat is the most basic thing. For most tourists, these houseboats turn out to be more ordinary than they were expecting. Most of these boats don’t have air-conditioned rooms. 
  • Premium or Deluxe Houseboats:

    These houseboats are more comfortable than the standard ones. Most of them have rooms in which air conditioners are turned on for 10 hours every night. A majority of tourists planning to cruise by the backwaters overnight choose these houseboats. 
  • Luxury or Super Deluxe Houseboats:

    Super deluxe houseboats are for tourists who want to have a luxurious experience. These houseboats have 24-hour air conditioners, and uniformed butlers are always at your service.

5. Decks

Alleppey houseboats have different types of decks. Before booking your stay at a boathouse, you can choose between the following decks:

  • Double decks:

    These houseboats have an upper deck where you can get a more magnificent view of the backwaters. They come with an increased seating capacity to accommodate more guests.
    The upper deck on a boathouse usually has cosy double bedrooms along with an attached bathroom.
    You will also find entertainment facilities like a music system and a TV. The lower deck will also have rooms with AC and attached bathrooms. The rooms are usually able to accommodate two adults and two to three children.
    The lower deck will also have a dining and welcome area. The two decks ensure that two families or groups can be on the same houseboat together without compromising their privacy.  

  • Sundeck:

    You will find several houseboats with a sundeck under Kerala tourism. They will have a lower deck like any other boathouse in the region. Instead of a full-fledged upper deck, they have a sundeck.
    The sundeck allows tourists to get a striking view along the backwater without the distractions of the lower deck. A staircase from the welcome area of the houseboats will directly lead to the sundeck. It can be open or covered with glass. Due to the unexpected monsoon bursts in Kerala, it’s wise to opt for a glass-covered sundeck. 

  • One-deck:

    Some houseboats only have one deck. But that doesn’t mean you will have a bad experience with them. They will make you feel at home while taking you to the interiors of the lakes and delighting you with awe-inspiring moments. These houseboats will also have a sitting room, bedrooms, kitchen, and other facilities.

6. Menu

During your stay on a houseboat, you will be served food on it. You will be able to choose from different dishes, including continental, North Indian and South Indian. The boathouses also serve typical Kerala cuisine. 

The food gets prepared inside the boat by a chef. Sometimes they also serve special dishes on requests from the guests. Crab, lobsters, and fish are a must-try to experience a hint of deliciousness. 

When guests catch fish on board, the chefs will also cook and serve them. You will also be served tea and coffee on the houseboat. You will not have to worry about the hygiene with which meals are cooked on the boathouses

Wrapping up

Staying on a houseboat in Kerala will be a once-in-a-lifetime escapade for you. Book an Alleppey boathouse today to have an enticing experience and rejuvenate yourself in the lap of nature.