Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi

Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi

Kallayi is a famous restaurant located at the centre of Alappuzha. This restaurant is famous for its mouthwatering Kozhikode recipe.

Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi is a popular dining destination located in the heart of the city. The restaurant is known for its delicious traditional Keralan dishes, comfortable atmosphere, and excellent customer service.

Upon arriving at Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi, customers are greeted by the inviting and well-manicured exterior. The restaurant features a spacious and open design, with plenty of seating options to choose from. The interior of the restaurant is equally as inviting, with a modern and stylish decor that is both comfortable and sophisticated.

The menu at Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi is diverse and delicious, with something to suit every taste and preference. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, including classic Keralan fare, international favorites, and local specialties. Some of the must-try items on the menu include the flavorful fish curry, the tender and juicy chicken roast, and the creamy and rich kerala parotta. All of these dishes are prepared using traditional recipes and techniques, giving them a unique and authentic flavor that can’t be found elsewhere.

In addition to the main dishes, Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi also offers a range of refreshing drinks and beverages to enjoy with your meal. The restaurant has an extensive selection of teas, coffees, and other non-alcoholic options, as well as a variety of traditional Keralan drinks like mango lassi and coconut water.

But what really sets Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi apart is the excellent customer service. The staff at the restaurant are friendly, attentive, and always ready to assist with any needs or questions. Whether you’re a regular customer or a first-time visitor, you’ll feel welcomed and well taken care of at Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi.

Another great feature of Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi is the outdoor seating area. The restaurant has a spacious and well-manicured patio that is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal on a warm summer day. The outdoor seating area is also a great option for groups and events, with plenty of space to accommodate large parties.

Overall, Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for delicious traditional Keralan dishes and excellent customer service. The restaurant’s diverse menu and comfortable atmosphere make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family. So if you’re in the area and looking for a memorable dining experience, be sure to stop by Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi and give their delicious menu items a try. You won’t be disappointed!

The Kallayi – Oru Koyikkodan Ruchi  Restaurant is located in Alappuzha, Kerala – an ancient town with a lot of good food and heritage. A trip to this restaurant would be incomplete without trying out their Kozhikode Recipe.

Good ambience, away from town, redeem poker is super, rumble shwarma good, ample parking available.  Normally wings are wings, but theirs are lean meaty, tender, and with delicious homemade teriyaki glaze.

Kozhikode Dishes like Chattipathiri, Irachi pathairi , Ice churandi and Special Sabbath..etc Come n Enjoy at EMS Stadium, Alappuzha


Listing Amenities

  • Car Parking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Security Cameras
  • Smoking Allowed


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